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The Results of Folk Song Competition

Slavonic Tractor Grand Prix
Children's Choir Severaček Golden Diploma
ETV Youth Choir Golden Diploma
Children's Choir Spigo Silver Diploma
Pärnu Chamber Choir Silver Diploma
Tallinn University of Technology Academic Female Choir Silver Diploma
Loo Chamber Choir Bronze Diploma
EBS Chamber Choir Bronze Diploma
Mixed Choir Catena Certificate of participation
Mixed Choir Vocale Mostviertel Certificate of participation
Mixed Choir Suomen Laulu Certificate of participation

Special prize from Estonian Choral Society to ETV Youth Choir - the best Estonian choir

Jury: Aile Asszonyi, Ene Üleoja, Andrea Angelini, Anu Taul, Hirvo Surva

Folk Song Competition

-    Program must be based on folk song.
-    The program should last min 12 minutes and max 17 minutes of real music time.
-    The program must include at least one work based on folk song from the choir’s country or area.
-    The use of popular instrumental accompaniment is allowed. Use of royal piano accompaniment is not allowed.
-    According to the points given by jury choirs will be awarded with golden (90-100 points), silver (80-89 points) or bonze (70-79 points) diploma. In case no diploma has been awarded, a certificate of participation will be presented to the choir.
-    Prix of the competition is 2008 €. The jury may award special prizes for outstanding performances.

-    There are 5 members in the international jury.

In the moment there are 4 guests