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Pärnu City Government
Estonian Cultural Capital
Pärnu Concert Hall
Estonian Choral Association



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At 8 pm in Pärnu Concert Hall
Opening concert of the festival

Soloists: Aile Asszonyi (soprano) and Mati Turi (tenor)
Tallinn University of Technology Female Choir, Tartu University Chamber Choir, Tartu University Female Choir, Tartu Academic Male Choir, Tallinn University of Technology Male Choir, Children's Choir Severaček
Pärnu City Orchestra
Conductor Jüri Alperten
Ticket 150 EEK/100 EEK


at 11.05 am in Koidula Gymnasium

Children's choir Severaček
Children's choir Pöial-Liisi

At 12.10 pm in Kuninga Basic School
Youth Female Choir Argentum Vox
Pärnu Youth Choir

At 6 pm in Pärnu Concert Hall
Gala concert of children and youth choirs

Participating choirs: Children's Choir Severaček, Children's Choir Spigo, Youth Female Choir Argentum Vox, ETV Youth Choir, Pärnu Youth Choir and Children's Choir Pöial-Liisi.
Program will be led by Almer Jansu.

At 7 pm in Audru Culture Centre
Mixed Choir Kungla
Tori Mixed Choir

At 7 pm in Sindi Community Centre
Female Choir Leelo
M. Lüdig Male Choir

at 7.30 pm in Tervis Culture Centre
Female Choir Slavonic Tractor

At 8 pm in Tõstamaa Manor
Pärnu Chamber Choir
Loo Chamber Choir

At 8 pm Paikuse Community Centre
Mixed Choir Endla

At 8 pm Nooruse Maja
Festival Club


FRIDAY, May 30
At  9.30 am in Pärnu Concert Hall

Daily Dozen
Warming up and exercises for body and voice belong to every chorister’s daily life.
Teacher Almer Jansu.

At 10.55 am in Pärnu Ühis Gymnasium
Children's Choir Spigo

at 11.05 am in Pärnu Ülejõe Gymnasium
ETV Youth Choir

At 4 pm in Pärnu Concert Hall
Folk Song Competition

Competing choirs: Children's Choir Sereraček, Female Choir Slavonic Tractor, Children's Choir Spigo, Mixed Choir Vocale Mostviertel, Mixed Choir Suomen Laulu, Mixed Choir Catena, EBS Chamber Choir, ETV Youth Choir, Loo Chamber Choir, Pärnu Chamber Choir, Academic Female Choir of Tallinn University of Tehnology.
Competition will be led by Kai Tarmula.
Ticket 25 EEK

At 8 pm Nooruse House
Festival Club


SATURDAY, May 31st
At 9.30 am in Pärnu Concert Hall

Daily Dozen vol 2.
Warm up and exercises for voices and bodies. Toomas Voll

At Noon in Vändra Culture House
Mixed Choir Vocale Mostviertel
Viimsi Mixed Choir

At Noon in Häädemeeste Church
Mixed Choir Suomen Laulu

At 4 pm in Pärnu Concert Hall
Final concert
and rewarding the winners of the folk song competition.
Concert will be led by Kaija Pruel.
Tickets 50 EEK/25 EEK





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